Hong Kong is a mosaic of art in all forms, whether that is food, music, or fashion. It takes a great deal of effort to realise the creative process. 

At DREAMX, we are inspired by the work of other creatives, which radiate an energy that has shaped Hong Kong culture. 

We work with creatives to realise their artistic visions with ours, and along the way - creating a community that you can be a part of. 


For our premier DREAMxTASTY collection, we want to capture Hong Kong’s vibrant F&B ecosystem; its quirks, its colours, and all of the beauty in between. πŸ˜‹

Minting Begins

Presale 1: March 18
Presale 2: March 19
Public Sale: March 20

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1.18 SOL

ROADMAP πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

DREAMX is a community for creatives, by creatives.

This roadmap empowers and celebrates Hong Kong visual culture!

FEB-MAR 2022 Official Launch

Instagram, Discord, Twitter launch

1088 Dreams ready to be chased on the Solana Blockchain... MINT!

Giveaways, Whitelisting, Marketing, Partnerships, KOL Campaigns

Q2 2022 Community Building

  • Finalised Rarity Reveal, and Secondary Listing. 

    Support Local F&B! Guaranteed F&B experience packages for holders.

    Private Discord for holders to connect with other like-minded creatives to discuss projects, collaborations, and partnerships.

    Exclusive airdrops, merch, giveaways, and raffles for our DREAMX holders.

    DREAMX Podcast!

Q3 2022 Dreamers Community


  • DREAMX V2 Drop

    We will partner with local venues for meetups and networking sessions, exclusive for our DREAMX holders.

    Expansion into other creative avenues outside of F&B.

On top of all this, please check out our Discord for full utility breakdown! πŸ‘€

Our Team

We are entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, athletes.

We are dreamers.

Community Manager
Cofounder / Design
Mr. Bean
Marketing Head
Community Manager
Nova Launch

Our Partners

We are partnering with F&B Brands that you know, and love... Stay tuned! πŸ‡­πŸ‡°

Frequently Asked Questions

How and where do I buy a DREAMX NFT?

On launchday, our mintbox on the Home Page will be open for you to purchase a DREAMX NFT. We recommend using a Phantom wallet for the mint. Make sure to keep up to date with our socials on Instagram, Twitter and Discord for real-time updates!

How do I buy crypto & use a Phantom Wallet?

Please check out our Discord for instructions!

How does each Dreamy differ from each other?

Apart from having their unique individual cryptographic hash, each Dreamy will possess a randomly generated set of attributes such as background, body, headpiece, cloud, face, and most importantly - FOOD ITEM!

Who is the team behind DREAMX?

DREAMX is based in Hong Kong: we are a multi-faceted team of entrepreneurs, ready to make DREAMX the face of the Hong Kong NFT ecosystem. We want to put Hong Kong on the global NFT map! We are also partnered with Nova Launch, who have helped other successful NFT projects eg. Monkey Kingdom.